Cosmic FAm Glossary

Cosmic Words

  1. 5D Being: A Being That Channels & Strongly Connects To The 5th Dimension *Aka Crystal Being, Indigo. Starchild, Starseed, Lightworker, Etc.
  2. Ayelien: A Cosmic Alien, 5D Being
  3. Cosmic Fam: Universal Family
  4. Uniture: Universal Culture
  5. Mastativity: Positivity Masta Style! #PositivityQueenOfYounow
  6. Mini-Masta: Name Of Ms Masta Foxx's Younow Sub-Sticker

Banished words

Banish Words & Their Replacement Word

  1. Culture: Uniture
  2. Morning: Rising
  3. Older: Leveled Up Or New Level
  4. Human: Being, Humayelien Or Ayelien
  5. Died Or Death: Transition