"In The NOW" Reality Show #RealYounowerOfLA

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"In The Now" Starring Younow Partner "MsMastaFoxx_CosmicFam" Aka Cosmic Queen!

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The Pilot Airs Nov 15th - 30th

& Season 1 Premieres Dec 1, 2017 @ 11:11 AM (PST)

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Cosmic Queen, Ms Masta Foxx!

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"Black Diamondz Muzik Group"


The #1 All Female Production Team, "Black Diamondz Muzik Group", Ms Masta Foxx & Ms Whizdom! They Also Own Their Own Indie Label, Masta Key Records & Bad Gyrlz TV! They Have Done Tracks For Their All Female Squad, BDBG SQUAD (Black Diamondz Are Bad Gyrlz), Kurupt From DPGC, Shock G From Digital Underground & More...! 

Also, Find Them On Younow 

younow.com/BadGyrlzTV_CosmicFamCDVIA & younow.com/MsMastaFoxx_CosmicFam

Creative Contributors


Ms Masta Foxx, Ms Whizdom, Bad Gyrlz TV, Black Diamondz Muzik & Masta Key Records


Foxxy (Our Doggy Mascot), Ms Whizdom (Bad Gyrlz TV) & D Classic (In DA Paint TV)